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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

whats going on with me? *blur*


     Today,i think yesterday was better than today...... Why people much getting hurt? WHY?
& I also want to knew why girls want to be a LESSBIAN?I never felt like this before..*smile*
I wish I can tell you what I felt so you can knew whats really inside and that its something true...But it seems I can`t cause you won`t listen to me NO MORE.....

    And now,what`s on my mind?you know what?I seems want to kill you.....*laughing* --> *crying* its my false...='( thanks for deleting me as your friend(on my facebook story).... 

   By the Way,i`ll felt on my mind was a bit cleared right now...what`s going on with me?huh? *blur* 

Hey Mummy~

Hey Mummy~
Hey mummy~~am i kawaii?Love me please. ;D ready set go! ready set go!

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