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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

it`s me Agent 2119

push all the pain....
push all the judging people about me...
push all to the right & left.....
Let`s start the engine car going to gear 5!!!no more 5..may be want to modifide the car got gear 6 or may be 10!!!
leT`S racing our car!
to get what we want to get this before!
let`s go babeh!
- while dance & sing!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Now I knew...,why God Accept our separate...with Happy Ending..
why your some secret you never tell me...tell me about you ever being bring with a prostitute girl at Labuan to do that thing?should you tell me now?why no that day?myself full of question and bermuzed life... You said to me that you never trying to touch that prostitute said to me again cause that day you remember me. You said that you remember me as yours wife then thats why you never trying to touch that prostitute girl.
Last sunday i`m going to church(4sept) with my cousin deidre & audrey....they knew that i`m the person who is lazy going to misa...but for that day i`m rather diligent going to reason is want to going to bless my sis-in-law Cross(+)...
That day,i don`t think so if my cousin realize why i`m praying to long..but i don`t care about that... That i knew is i want God to helping me to find the answer for me to finding the truth way that i should walked.
Now,I already find the answer why I should leaved you with a Happy Ending...Cause my wished being already God listen it. "If he Never keep any secret that i should know then he is really my life of partner,but,if he got keep any secret that i should don`t know then we should separate".
And the end is I alraedy knew the truth....why i should choice the way that I never should to choice it. I knew,nobody is perfect on this ones ever do the truth things...except you born
to be PERFECT. But,I don`t think so that got some of the people are perfect. I thinked 'YES' its really have but its hard to find it.
But the words I never forget that you ever said to me just now anyway is "Don`t cry... Everything will be fine.. Just be happy with what you got.. I`ll save you if you fall down". Should I trust it?
I know you all really did`t understand what I want to write here the truth...& trying to impart to you all..sorry then...... who is really understand what I`m writed at here so thanks cause trying to understand it. Who is did`t understand so thanks cause read it...its ok if half of you all did`t understand....the important is you already trying to understand it.
p/s : poor girl - Jouvenne.FlaviaHana #

Hey Mummy~

Hey Mummy~
Hey mummy~~am i kawaii?Love me please. ;D ready set go! ready set go!

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