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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ashley Tisdale - Not Like That (HD)

It`s up to you =)


               I`m not good felt last monday until now anyway...,i never know what my FALSE with them...hmmm
to all my friends on my classmate...please tell me what you all girls doesn`t satisfied with myself??? ==" all people got weakness i mean all people in this worlds also got waekness not you`ll only i mean it. By the way...i knew what you`ll will talked about me. but i`ve never care about that.
                  FOR 'V' : i knew you hate with me cause you FALL IN LOVE  with someone that who are got related with my family....& also me. i knew that.....u don`t ever talked behind me.  i`m not that kind what you mean it to don`t ever said that because i`m the cute/pretty certainly all guys FALL IN LOVE with me.
               I think itsn`t like that... 'V'...,you also pretty....all people in this world also pretty...not about yours jeolousy can make you`re pretty but from your hearts....i`ve never hate you untill now...i did`t knew why you hate with me. hmmmm.....i knew all people got  different heart....but we`re not different foods & drinks....all it`s`re girl i`m a girl,if you not enough pretty i will learn you how to make you pretty enough.....
              You hate me i doesn`t care..cause it is yourself not myself....if I got typing wrong words on here...please forgive me...i doesn`t mean want to hurt you. anyway...,i does`t care if you gave with him my num 010(MY OLD NUM DID`T USED) i don`t care about that... Now i tell with you why he want my contact number.... he want my contact number it`s because the same brother`s houses hit by thief..i`m not trying to trick is true..i`ll never forced to you believe with me..its up to you.

Hey Mummy~

Hey Mummy~
Hey mummy~~am i kawaii?Love me please. ;D ready set go! ready set go!

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