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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If You Go please Say ''GOODBYE'' For Me.


          If one day he go to leave me...,I will promised with myself that i don`t want FALL IN LOVE with anyone person in this world....well,like 2NE1 say "I DON`T CARE'' I don`t care what people say about me,that I know is I will let my true love to find myself.
        Well,all people also know that,knew about I LOVE HIM SO MUCH WITH ALL MY HEART. But,I still don`t know if he really love me. All this think always make my head feel dizzy.
       Next year,me in form 5 already....well,I much focus about my study..I can`t keep on to think of the things are not beneficial.

Hey Mummy~

Hey Mummy~
Hey mummy~~am i kawaii?Love me please. ;D ready set go! ready set go!

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